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MaMom Milk Booster Bundle of 3

Original Price: $104.70
Now: $69.90 (33% off!)
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Added on: 10 Oct 2017
Booth: A21
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MaMom Milk Booster

60 Chewable Tablets loaded with 1000mg worth of galactagogues. A breakthrough in RnD and finally all the goodness in a tablet. Made from 100% Natural lactogenic ingredients proven to give you a boost. Vanilla flavored.

Ingredients List

Goat's Milk
Soybean Powder
Sweet Whey
Acacia Gum
Spirulina Powder
Alfalfa Extract
Honey Powder
Dates Extract
Raisin Powder
Fenugreek Extract
Garlic and Ginger Extract
Habatus Sauda (Nigella Sativa/Black Cumin) Extract


Chew 2 Tablets/Day on an empty stomach, maximum 4 Tablets.

Usual Price:

Baby Market:
$69.90 only!!

Grab it at Booth A21



MaMom Milk Booster Bundle of 3 | Rating: 9 out of 10 |
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Venue: Singapore Expo HALL 5

Time: 13 April - 14 April (11am-9pm) | 15 April (11am-8pm)

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