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MEDELA FREESTYLE Breastpump FREE Armsreach Mini Ezee Co-Sleeper Baby Cot + Warmer + Many FREE Gifts!! PWP Ecomom Sterilizer Option Available!!

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Added on: 17 Sep 2018
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Medela Authorized DISTRIBUTOR will ONLY be at Baby Market Fair, 12-14 Oct, Singapore Expo! 

BABY Market has been alerted by the authorized distributors to take caution of any parallel imported baby products from other fairs! 
Do note that by purchasing parallel imported baby products, you might: 
1) Risk the safety aspect of genuine products
2) Not be covered by local warranty
3) Be in possession of a potentially hazard-prone product

If You Are Getting A Medela, Get From The AUTHORIZED Distributor. Don't Risk It.

Be Safe Mummies!! PLUS Mummys Market is bringing you SUPER Good Deal From The Authorized Distributor!!

~ Happy Shopping - Use The Product With A Peace Of Mind ~


This is super duper worth it for a local set!!!

The deal is better than those export sets which has no warranty and trust me, u need the warranty cos if u bring an import set to medela service center, u will be charged an arm and leg!

In order to increase breast milk supply, your breast pump needs to MIMIC as closely to baby's sucking as possible. It is not about the suction rate as its a misconception and may hurt and injure mummies nipples if it's too strong.

Your baby generally sucks between 1.5 to 2 times per minute which mean the ideal breast pump has a cycle rate of 90 to 120 cycles per minute so you can maximize milk production

The Medela Breastpump is the ONLY breast pump in the world with a 2 phase technology pumping more than 100 cycles per minute which are closest to baby's sucking rhythm.

No wonder Medela is the NO 1 recommended breast pump brand in the world by hospitals!

With Purchase of Freestyle from Medela, you will get


  • Breastpump unit with AC Adapter
  • Black microfiber with tote bag
  • Cooler bag and ice pack
  • 4 x 150ml BPA-free narrow neck breastmilk bottles
  • 2 x PersonalFit 24mm (medium) breastshields with connectors
  • 1 x Calma breastmilk feeding nipple (NEW)
  • Valves/Membranes/ Tubing

+ 250ml Breastmilk Storage Bottle 2pcs (UP. $30.90)

+ Arms Reach Mini Ezee 3 In 1 Co-Sleeper Baby Cot (UP. $399)

+ Disposable Bra Paf 30pcs (UP. $11.90)

+ Isa Uchi Warmer (UP. $59.90)

WORTH $501.70 for FREE!! OMG!!


Medela Freestyle Breastpump — the world’s smallest high-performance double electric breastpump for daily and frequent use at home or on the go.

Features & Benefits:

Double electric, daily use breastpump - Designed for moms who pump several times a day.

Compact & lightweight - For mobile pumping.

Hands-free - allows Multi-task while pumping.

Rechargeable battery - Pump anywhere. Battery lasts up to 3 hours on a single charge.

Two sizes of PersonalFit breastshields - For comfortable & efficient pumping.

Attractive tote bag - Holds pumping essentials and more.

Adjustable speed/vacuum combinations - Provide for a comfortable pump setting.

Digital backlit display - Perfect for late-night pumping sessions.

One touch let-down button - Produces more milk in less time when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum™ in the expression phase.

Pumping timer - Conveniently tracks your pump sessions.

Memory button - Records pump sessions so you can easily return to your favorite pumping pattern.

Removable Cooler bag with contoured ice pack - Holds 4 breastmilk bottles to keep breastmilk cool.

All parts that touch breastmilk are made without BPA


PLUS, the additional special Cooler Bag allows you to transport up to four bottles of breastmilk safely, in addition to your breastpump. The insulation on the inside of the bag will keep the expressed breastmilk cool for longer.

Arms Reach Mini Ezee 3-in-1 Co-Sleeper

Enhance your bonding and nighttime security with your baby!

The Arm's Reach is a versatile, portable unit that can comfortably hold one or two babies!

You can use it as a free-standing bassinet, or convert it to a co-sleeper for enhanced bonding and nighttime security. When your baby grows, convert the bassinet to a safe, sturdy playard for daytime activities.

The innovative design also makes breastfeeding easy. The Ideal Co-Sleeper bassinet is the sleep solution for any concerned parent.

- freestanding bassinet mode and the playard mode.
- Comes with more ventilation for more breathability.
- Side pockets for storage, a 4-inch sleeping nest height, and patented attachment strap and plate to provide the safest sleep solution for you and your newborn.
- 34"L x 20"W x 32.5"H and is conveniently portable, folding quickly and easily into its own nylon carrying case with a sturdy carrying strap.
- includes everything you need to get started- 2 fitted sheets, a mattress, removable fabric liner, travel bag, nylon strap & plate


A) Ecomom UV Sterilizer (TOP UP $259 only!!!) - U.P $459

the first of its kind to sterilize and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces using UV-C light.

It has PTC heater fan to dry the items inside ECOMOM.

It can sterilize, dry, and store items such as baby bottles, bottle nipples, pacifiers, breastpump parts, utensils, plates, teething toys. It can even sterilize mobile phones, remote controls, stuffed toys, accessories, etc.


Usual Price:

Baby Market:
$0.00 only!!

Grab it at Booth F17



MEDELA FREESTYLE Breastpump FREE Armsreach Mini Ezee Co-Sleeper Baby Cot + Warmer + Many FREE Gifts!! PWP Ecomom Sterilizer Option Available!! | Rating: 9 out of 10 |
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