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TIAN LONG - Best Natural Insect Repellent

Added on: 27 Sep 2018
Booth: A32
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Loved and Tested by mums for Mummys Market Award 2018: 

Best Natural Insect Repellent
Tian Long Citronella Oil Natural Insect Repellent

A 100% organic insect repellant is what Tian Long gives you.

Citronella has been used as a homemade mosquito repellent spray for years, as well as in the treatment of rheumatish, infections, cramps, coughs, and colds.

It has a fresh and lemony scent, and Tian Long specially developed theirs to be safe to use around babies.


In sunny Singapore, it is common to have insect bites.

Tian Long Citronella Oil is 100% Natural and Chemical-free

It can also be used to disinfect floors, kills bacteria and dust mites in bed sheets and laundry, and even to remove fleas and odour from pets.

Can be used as insect Repellent, Aromatherapy, Anti-Bacterial, Antiseptic, Anti Inflammatory

The Tian Long Citronella Oil Spray Bottle designed for the convenience of daily use at home or in an office space, it comes in an economical size of 500ml with a spray head.

The Spray Bottle makes it convenient for you to spray the oil for disinfecting, to fight irritating pests away, to keep mosquitoes at bay or simply to freshen up the atmosphere.

All it takes is a spray or two from the concentrated Citronella Oil and it will do its job.

A perfect household helper, the Tian Long Citronella Oil Spray Bottle is ideal for your daily use. Grab one today and let us do the job for you!


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TIAN LONG - Best Natural Insect Repellent | Rating: 9 out of 10 |
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